Kudos is established as a professional manufacturer of hydraulic tools which include hydraulic cutters, hydraulic crimping tools, cable crimping tools, hydraulic pumps, and more. All Kudos hydraulic tools are developed using American and European technology which comply with all standard of CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IECQ QC 080001 and OHSAS 18000. With years of industry experience, Kudos is able to consistently supply top quality Hydraulic tools, as well as constantly developing new innovative solutions to add on new quality tools to their product line. This has allowed Kudos to become a leading brand in the market.

Kudos Professional Hydraulic Tools are carefully inspected for quality and tested for safety.

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Hydraulic Cutter

Kudos offers various types of Hydraulic Cable Cutters of cable ranging up to 135 mm.

kudos hydraulic crimping tools Malaysia

Hydraulic Crimper

Kudos offers reasonably priced Hydraulic Crimping Tools for wide variety of applications. Our valued clients consider our Kudos Hydraulic Crimping Tools as a good value purchase due to its versatility and durability.

kudos hydraulic puncher Malaysia

Hydraulic Punchers

Hydraulic Punchers from Kudos for hole-punching in electrical panels, switchboard, and many others. Kudos Hydraulic Puncher is agile and simple to operate. Its compact design makes it a perfect solution for use at construction sites and for maintenance jobs.

Hydraulic Bus Bar Cutter and Bender

Kudos Hydraulic bus bar cutter and Benders aims to provide cutting and bending solutions to different application uses.

kudos hydraulic nut splitter Malaysia

Hydraulic Nut Splitter

Kudos Hydraulic Nut Splitter for the quick and easy removal of unwanted nuts, while perfectly prot­­­­ecting and retaining the condition of the bolt. Nuts can be difficult to unscrew over time due to the conditions the nut is exposed to.

kudos hydraulic spreader

Hydraulic Spreader

Kudos hydraulic spreader is made from quality and standardized materials to achieve maximum performance in every operation. Unique interlocking wedge design: no first step bending and risk of slipping out of joint