Masada Hydraulic Jack, As a professional maker of hydraulic jacks for automotive use, Masada Manufacturing & supplies products for a variety of fields. This begin in 1946. Incorporating new technology and ideas, masada is leading development of hydraulic jacks and automotive service equipment. Since its founding, masada hydraulic tools has always been ahead of the industry.

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masada hydraulic Bottle-Jack Malaysia

Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Rigidly adhering to traditional manufacturing standards, Masada jacks boast excellent quality, modern design, and extremely high precision.

Hydraulic Toe Jack

The masada hydraulic Toe Jacks are a premium range ideally suited for lifting heavy machinery or equipment when access height is restricted.

masada hydraulic Mini-Jack Malaysia

Hydraulic Mini Jack

These low profile masada hydraulic mini jacks are ideal for delicate work such as adjusting or centering heavy machinery.

masada hydraulic Service-Jack

Hydraulic Service Jack

Masada hydraulic floor jack is commonly used to change a car type or to change the undercarriage of the car.


Transport Rollers

Masada Roller for free transportation of heavy goods.Heavy loads such as machine tools can be moved safely and easily. More convenient if you used this roller Masada Toe Jack.