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Norbar torque wrenches Malaysia

Norbar Torque Wrenches

Dedicated specialists: Norbar is devoted exclusively to the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment.

Ensuring your success: Reliability and accuracy are critical to success, and world-class manufacturers around the world know that they can rely on Norbar to provide the equipment that meets these requirements.

Multi-national presence: Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer to offer torque tool and instrument calibration & recalibration services to the original factory standard on four continents.

Accredited laboratories: The NATA accredited laboratory in Adelaide, South Australia, NVLAP accredited laboratory in Willoughby, Ohio, USA, SAC-SINGLAS laboratory in Singapore, NABL Accredited Laboratory in India and the laboratory in Shanghai accredited by TAF and CNAS, all use the same equipment and procedures as the factory’s UKAS accredited laboratory.

Extensive range: With torque application tools from 0·3 to 300,000 N·m we have the widest range of torque tools in the world. The entire range is supported by our electronic torque measurement programme and all transducers up to 100,000 N·m can be provided with UKAS accredited certification to ISO17025 to give you the level of traceability that every modern business requires.

Designed for your specific needs: Where your needs are more specialised than even our huge range of tools can cater for, we can work with you to design tooling to ensure consistently high results in your application.

Norba Torque wrenches

Norbar Torque Wrenches

Norbar Torque Tools manufacture an extensive range of high quality torque wrenches to cover torque values from 1 N·m to 2000 N·m. They are designed and manufactured to meet international standards for accuracy.

Norbar Torque Screwdriver

Norbar's range of Torque Screwdrivers embodies the values of the TT Series brand: accuracy, ease of use and comfort in use. Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017 (±6% for tools up to 10 N·m). Furthermore, they are engineered to retain this accuracy over many thousands of tightened cycles.

norbar torque multipliers

Norbar Torque Multiplier

The Norbar HandTorque is the most comprehensive multiplier range available. Standard products are available up to 47,500 N·m (35,000 lbf·ft) and 'specials' to 300,000 N·m (220,000 lbf·ft). A range of 'nose extensions' for reaching difficult to access bolts and full range of torque transducers for highly accurate torque monitoring are available.

norbar torque testers

Norbar Torque Tester

Norbar's torque transducers have established an excellent reputation based on exceptional quality and accuracy. A very wide torque range is covered, 0.04 N·m to 100,000 N·m and three basic transducer configurations are offered; Static, Impulse Rotary and Annular. All transducers up to 100,000 N·m are supplied as standard with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate from Norbar's in-house laboratory.