Kyoritsu 2608A AC Analogue Clamp Meters


Kyoritsu 2608A AC Analogue Clamp Meters

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Kyoritsu 2608A AC Analogue Clamp Meters

• DC voltage range is also available especially for checking emergency battery operated power supply.
• Tear drop shaped transformer jaws for ease of use.

AC A 6/15/60/150/300A ±3% of FS
AC V 150/300/600V ±3% of FS
DC V 60V ±3% of FS
Ω 1/10kΩ (25/250Ω mid-scale)
±2% of scale length
Temperature Note: The MODEL2608A includes a temperature measurement scale,
but it is not available for new customers due to the discontinue of the Temperature Probe 7060.
Conductor size Ø33mm max.
Frequency response 50Hz/60Hz
Applicable standards IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V Pollution Degree 2
IEC 61010-2-031
IEC 61010-2-032
Power source R6 (AA) (1.5V) × 1
Dimensions 193(L) × 78(W) × 39(D)mm
Weight 275g approx.
Included Accessories 7066A (Test leads)
8923 (Fuse [0.5A/600V]) × 2
9097 (Carrying case)
R6 (AA) × 1
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