Proskit MT-8006B Data Diver


Proskit MT-8006B Data Diver

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Proskit MT-8006B Data Diver

  • LCD display for dialing number, Caller ID, Clock and other information
  • Indicator for determining the Line service and speed
  • High impedance monitor for data safe operation without disrupting existing traffic.
  • Smart power saving enables battery life up to 6 months
  • 12 phone number memory for speed dialing
  • 16 dialing number memories
  • Tone (DTMF) and pulse operation
  • Up to 32 digits phone number memory for speed dialing key
  • Pre-dialing and last number redial function
  • PBX pause key, insert a PBX pause in stored numbers
  • Telephone line polarity indicators
  • Low battery indication
  • Backlight function
  • RJ-11 port for easy test leads change
  • Ringer and voltage LED indication
  • Angled bed of nails and RJ-11 plug


Loop limit 2 KΩ maximum at 48 Vdc
(nominal 20 mA minimum loop current)
DC resistance
Talk Mode
Monitor impedance
300Ω typical
>39kΩ nominal at 1 KHz
Rotary dial output
Pulsing rate
Percent break
Inter digit interval
Leakage during Break
1000 ms typical
>130 KΩ
DTMF output
Tone frequency error
Tone level
High versus low tone Difference
±1.5% maximum
-8±2dBm combined (typical)
4 dB maximum
Memory dialing
Memory capacity
Digit capacity
PBX pause duration
Power source
12 memories
16 digits per memory
1~3.6 seconds
4pcs 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)
PHYSICAL(Hook included)
218.5 ×69.5 × 49mm (8.6” × 2.7” × 1.9”)
208g typical

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