Tohnichi AC100N3 Semi-Automatic AirTork


Tohnichi AC100N3 1/2″dr Semi-Automatic AirTork 20-100Nm


Tohnichi AC100N3 Semi-Automatic AirTork


  • Semi-Automatic Type: Air motor mounted on torque wrench allows for fast provisional tightening with accuracy of final tightening by torque wrench performed by hand.
  • This tool replaces conventional two-step tightening process of pneumatic tool followed by click torque wrench into one tool for greater efficiency.
  • Changing tightening torque is simple by using hex key to adjust scale on handle.
  • Index finger trigger engages motor. Release after provisional tightening then use hand force until torque wrench “clicks” at required torque setting.
  • Same features as A Series but with larger motor and higher provisional tightening torque.
  • Easy calibration performed on standard torque wrench tester such as Tohnichi’s DOTE4-G. Since torque wrench is controlling final applied torque no joint simulator is required.
  • AC3 version features new ratchet square drive that accommodates anti-vibration sockets (not included) and improved trigger mechanism.
  • No reaction arm needed–Up to 180Nm (or equivalent) with no reaction force.
  • A drop in airline pressure will not affect applied torque.
  • LS version available with limit switch, which creates error-proofing (Pokayoke) system when used with CNA-4mk3 count checker (sold separately). When torque set is achieved, limit switch is triggered confirming tightening completion–no more missed fasteners!
  • ACFD and ACQSPLDC3 / ACQSPLD3 Models also output applied torque data (Special order upon request).


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