Tohnichi QSP140N3 1/2″dr Preset Click Type Torque Wrench 30-140Nm, L380mm


Tohnichi QSP140N3 1/2″dr Preset Click Type Torque Wrench 30-140Nm, L380mm


Tohnichi QSP140N3 Preset Click Type Torque Wrench


  • Torque wrench for single purpose bolt tightening.
  • Preset style.
  • The set torque cannot be changed without using a special tool (sold separately), preventing the operator from changing torque by mistake.
  • A clear “click” sound signals tightening completion upon reaching the set torque.
  • The ratchet head has 24 teeth with a 15 degree operating range, allowing for use in space-limited working conditions.
  • Applicable for international use including the EU region.
  • Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class B calibration procedures.


torque animation



Features no scale on the body of the tool.

  • Because there are no scales, a torque tester and a specialized adjusting or thrust ring tool are required to set the torque value.
  • Ideal for mass assembly applications where one torque setting is dedicated to one tool.
  • Since this type requires additional equipment to change the torque, it prevents the torque setting from being changed by unauthorized personnel.
  • Preset styles have lower maintenance costs compared to other types of torque tools due primarily to the fact that there is no scale to maintain and calibrate.


For Torque Wrenches

Requires torque setting tool and torque tester to change torque value.
QSP3 endn

Tools that require thrust ring tool have an end cap that must be removed and a thrust ring screw that is loosened, then thrust ring tool is used to fit into two holes to moved CW or CCW to increase or decrease torque value. For tools that take adjusting keys, the key fits directly into the end of the tool. The wrench is checked against a torque tester to verify torque value. Adjustments are made until the required setting consistently shows on the torque tester.

ph SP
Examples of Preset Models: SP, RSP, QSP, CSP, QSPCA, MQSP



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