Bosch GHO 12V-20 Solo Cordless Planer


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Bosch GHO 12V-20 Solo Cordless Planer

First professional 12 volt planer for a new experience of tool guidance

  • Ergonomics: Easy to handle due to optimised balance point
  • Compactness: Enabled by a combination of a brushless motor and the 12V System
  • Cordless freedom: Best operability in every working position thanks to Bosch’s first 12V planer
  • Battery voltage: 12 V
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Planing width, max: 40 mm
  • Planing depth: 2 mm
  • No-load speed: 14500 rpm
  • Rebating depth: 17 mm
  • Weight excl. battery: 1.5 kg