Kinetic Water Ram KR-C-WC


with 4-Inch Cone, 5 Plugs, Closet Attachment, Caulking Hose & Case


Kinetic Water Ram KR-C-WC

Clears Clogged Drains with Shock Action

The Kinetic Water Ram is a compact, lightweight tool that clears clogged drains using a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave (kinetic energy) through water to break-up the stoppage. It has 50 years of field experience and product development built into it to make drain cleaning fast and easy. To use, simply pump it up, insert into the drain and snap the trigger. It’s that quick. It’s particularly useful clearing slow draining tub and showers, or on long narrow lines in trailer homes. The all-metal Ram has a self-contained pump and pressure gauge, so you can hit the stoppage with just the right amount of force without harming the pipes. You get instant impact with no build-up of pressure in the plumbing system. The force is transmitted through water, so it’s not affected by stacks or vents. An optional toilet attachment screws onto the front of the Ram and enables you to position the cone in the bowl to get a tighter seal.

Features & Benefits

  • Pump it up, insert in drain and snap the trigger
  • Strikes blockage with instant impact
  • Bypasses vents and stacks
  • Won’t harm pipes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quickly opens clogged sinks, toilets and tubs
  • For lines from 1-1/4” to 4″ in diameter
  • Gearless pressure gauge provides pinpoint control
  • Built-in air compressor pumps up to desired pressure
  • All-metal tool with 50 years of field experience

The Kinetic Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air, which strikes the column of water in a clogged pipe. The resulting shock wave, called Kinetic Energy, hits the stoppage at a speed of approximately 4,700 feet per second, quickly clearing the blockage and flushing waste particles away.

This slow motion video shows an example of how the principal of kinetic energy is applied. The instant impact protects pipes and joints because there is no build-up of pressure in the plumbing system.

kinetic-water-ram Malaysia

Shock wave breaks up stoppage without harming pipes

kinetic-water-ram-supplier Malaysia

Clear clogged drains with shock action.


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