Kyoritsu 3021A Digital Insulation / Continuity Testers


Kyoritsu 3021 Digital Insulation / Continuity Testers


Kyoritsu 3021 Digital Insulation / Continuity Testers

• 3 functions in one unit, insulation test with 4 voltage ranges,
continuity test, AC voltage measurement
• 200mA measuring current on continuity testing
• Comparator function with PASS / FAIL and buzzer
• 0Ω adjustment at continuity measuring range
• Memory function up to 99 data
• Backlight LCD provides easy reading in dark locations
• Safety lock system prevents an erroneous operation
on 500 and 1000 Volt ranges
• Safety standard IEC 61010-01 CAT III 600V

Insulation resistance

Test voltage 125/250/500/1000V
Measuring range
(Auto range)
First effective measuring range 0.2 – 20MΩ (125V)
0.2 – 40MΩ (250V)
0.2 – 200MΩ (500V)
0.2 – 1000MΩ (1000V)
Mid-scale value 5MΩ (125/250V)
50MΩ (500V/1000V)
Accuracy ±2%rdg±6dgt
Second effective measuring range lower 0.110 – 0.199MΩ
Second effective measuring range upper 20.01 – 200.0MΩ (125V)
40.01 – 2000MΩ (250V)
200.1 – 2000MΩ (500V)
1001 – 2000MΩ (1000V)
Accuracy ±5%rdg±6dgt
Rated current DC 1 – 1.2mA
Output short circuit current 1.5mA max


Auto range 40.00/400.0Ω
Accuracy ±2%rdg±8dgt
Output voltage on open circuit 5V±20%
Output short circuit current DC 220±20mA
Fuse Quick acting ceramic fuse 0.5A/600V (Ø6.35×32mm)

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